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Kohinoor Calendar 2023

kohinoor odia calendar february 2023

kohinoor calendar february 2023

Kohinoor Calendar 2023 is one of the odia calendar 2023 which is very popular in most part of the Odisha. You can view and download this 2023 odia calendar as odia calendar 2023 pdf and HD quality image format. The kohinoor press calendar and panjika is created and counted by pandit Sri Krushna Prasad Khadiratna. This odia calendar has been used in Sri Sri Jagannath temple since past 88 years. To prepare this odia kohinoor calendar 2023 data has been taken from kohinoor press panjika. This odia calendar and panjika is voted No. 1 Odia calendar by viewers of the odiacalendar.com
Similiar to gregorian calendar there are twelve months in kohinoor odia calendar and they are - (1) Baisakha (2) Jyestha (3) Ashadha (4) Srabana (5) Bhadraba (6) Aswina (7) Kartika (8) Margasira (9) Pausha (10) Magha (11) Phalguna (12) Chaitra
Similar to western or gregorian calendar there are six seasons in kohinoor odia calendar and they are - (1) Grishma (2) Barsha (3) Sharada (4) Hemanta (5) Shita (6) Basanta


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